Security, Intelligence & Forensics

Digitpol is a licensed and accredited criminal investigation agency specialising in Operational Support and Investigative Services to fight against transnational crimes. Digitpol is one of the world's leading providers of Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Security and Investigation services. We work together with Law Enforcement agencies and Industry Stakeholders.

Digitpol’s team has a combined 35 years of expertise in Investigation

Digitpol is a licensed and accredited investigation agency specialising in digital forensics, security and investigative services. We provide operational services such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery, Internet Monitoring, Telecoms, Interception, Penetration Testing, Anti-Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Criminal Investigation, Asset Tracing and Recovery. Digitpol is an International company with its European Head Office in The Netherlands, covering European and Local investigations.

Digitpol’s offices are equipped with state of the art forensic technology and workshops for research. Our partners have offices in major cities across the world, enabling us to offer our services globally.

We are committed to working with Law Enforcement and key industry partners to combat International crime.

Digitpol is licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice as a private detective agency with the permit number of POB1557. We are recognised as specialising in the sector of investigation, digital forensics, and cyber related matters. Digitpol is also registered with the Data Protection Authority.

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