Phishing Attack Prevention

Phishing Attack Prevention is an AI-based application that monitors email servers and identifies fraud and detects threats that email gateways cannot detect. Phishing attacks and spear phishing attacks are fully prevented by Digitpol's Email Security Solution. Email Security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and communications and all contents of an email account or web service. It allows an individual or organisation to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses and accounts. Digitpol's Email Security Solution provides the ultimate in Email Security and encrypted communications

Identify Email Threats ranging from Spam to Advanced Spear Phishing Attacks, Ransomware, Malware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Corporate Account Takeover and Business Email Fraud (BEC) presents a significant new threat to small and large business. The modus operandi of hackers differs however the common trend is that hackers gain access to corporate email accounts through leaked or stolen credentials, often published in bulk on the darkweb and then use the leaked or stolen credentials to login to accounts and monitor emails for a long period, long enough to learn about the companies business and how the billing / invoicing department works. Hackers then launch subsequent targeted attacks at both internal and  external, typically between a CEO and the accounts manager or between a supplier and purchaser. Account takeover or attacks that originate from these accounts are almost impossible to detect since they don’t leverage impersonation identifiers or contain any malware or code that most security applications could detect.

The majority of attacks come from a legitimate email account and appear to be from a trusted source such as a CEO or supplier.

Digtpol's unique module was designed by cyber crime investigators and is built by analysing volumes of attacks, the prevention software is able to identify rogue behavioural and rogue content such as "un-paid" invoices or change of bank accounts. Digitpol's Phishing Detection Solution is only available to Government, NGO, Public and corporate organisations

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Digitpol's Email Security Solution is only available to Government, NGO, Public and corporate organisations. To further enquire contact us. 

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Security is an absolutely necessary requirement for a connected world. Safety and Security – the key to a happy and prosperous civilisation. Digitpol, provides industry leading tools for cyber security, our products have been deployed globally and integrated by governments, law enforcement, military and industry. We prevent organisations from cyber attacks, we help organisations recover from attacks. We have the right solutions to limit the damage and in realtime we provide immediate assistance to security incidents. We provide a bulletproof hosting service, secured email servers and extreme online security applications. We provide 24/7 threats management for small and large organisations. 


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